Lash Extensions Aftercare

After care for Eyelash Extensions:

Avoid for the first 24 hours-

  • No water rule-avoid swimming, showers and saunas.
  • No high heat towards your lashes-do not blow dry towards your face or stand in front of high heat kitchens.

For the life of your lashes-

  • Avoid oil-based cleaners-the oil will break down the adhesive and cause lashes to shed quicker.
  • Be sure to cleanse morning & evening-then brush through lashes in an upward motion with a clean spoolie.
  • Ditch the lash curler & non-extension safe mascara, no need with PURRfect lashes.
  • Lashes will shed naturally, avoid pulling or tugging which can remove and cause damage your natural lashes.

Common Lash Issues

  • Twisted lashes: when two or more extensions wrap around each other. If this occurs, please be sure to call and do not attempt to separate them yourself. It could potentially worsen the problem.